We currently teach InDesign and Photobook Production workshops at the International Center of Photography in NYC. See course descriptions below, and check out to look for current offerings and registration. 

The Photobook in Production

Photobooks—artist books, zines, and other forms of printed matter—are currently redefining the contemporary practice of photography. This course frames the photobook in a critical, professional, and practical context. Students acquire the technical skills to design and lay out their own photobooks through Adobe InDesign, along with knowledge of the book production process and best practices, whether printing a book themselves or working with a commercial printer. Through in-class demonstrations and visits to Conveyor Arts to observe the printing and binding process, students gain a solid foundation in book production. The final outcome of the course is a printed and bound book dummy, blending concept and design to create a format that best suits the content of the work. This workshop is designed for photographers with basic Photoshop knowledge. Students should have a series or collection of photographs and/or text for creating a book. 

InDesign for Photographers: A Crash Course

This introductory workshop covers the basic tools of Adobe InDesign-an invaluable program for creating custom book layouts, as well as any printed and digital documents that combine photography with text. Topics include InDesign file setup, color workflow, link and placement of photographs, and preparing files for print. We look at samples of books, websites, posters, and other printed matter created with InDesign. Upon completion of the workshop, students will have he working knowledge to lay out their own photobooks, postcards, business cards, web elements, and other digital and printed material. This workshop is designed for photographers with basic Photoshop knowledge. Students are expected to bring a series of photographs to work with throughout the weekend

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