Terms & Conditions

  1. Shipping: All of our products are shipped via UPS. Clients are responsible for any and all shipping costs. All shipments will be insured for the production value of the books. In some cases, local to NYC, clients may use a messenger service to transport or pick up books in person from our bindery. Under no circumstance will Conveyor Arts be responsible for the costs involved in shipping or transporting books, nor any damage caused to the books once they have left our facility.

  2. Proof Costs: The cost of proofs plus shipping and handling will be charged upfront. The cost of one unbound proof will be deducted from the final invoice once the job is in production.

  3. Billing: Payment is required to begin production. For invoices under $1,500, full payment is required. For invoices over $1,500, 50% deposit is required. The remaining balance, as well as shipping and handling must be paid in full before the final order ships. 

  4. Overage: A 10% difference is allowed on all printed goods. Overage and shortage will be handled on a prorated basis. In other words, clients are required to purchase extra copies (up to 10%) of the print run. If the client is unwilling to pay for overage, they must accept that their order might incur up to a 10% shortage of books. This must be stated by the client at the time of deposit, or the client will be responsible for the overage costs. Overages will be billed to the client, shortages will be refunded by Conveyor Arts.

  5. Refunds & Returns: Conveyor Arts does not issue any refunds on orders once in production. If the order is cancelled at any point, Conveyor Arts will be entitled to recover all costs incurred since billing - including materials, book consultation, and active production time. In the case of an obvious printing or production error, Conveyor Arts reserves the right to either reprint or grant a partial refund.

  6. Quote Terms: All estimates and invoices are valid for 30 days. Prices are subject to change based on materials and other production costs.

  7. Production Timeline: Final production timeline will not take effect until the client approves (in writing, via email) a printed proof, signs the contract, and makes payment. Turnaround times are listed below, and begin upon receipt of both deposit and all finalized, press-ready files. This timeline does not include the period while the proof is awaiting approval from client. Every reasonable effort is made to meet our anticipated delivery dates. Conveyor Arts shall not claim any liability for damages, incurred cost, or loss of income sustained by any client due to delays in the production and delivery of their job by Conveyor Arts.

    Note our Standard Turnaround Time:
    Paperback: 10-14 Business Days, Hardcover: 3 - 6 Weeks

    Please Note: We highly recommend that clients do not schedule a book launch or event until the final books are complete. We will do everything possible to complete your books by your deadline, however books are a multi-part process and sometimes need extra time to produce due to unforeseen manufacturing issues.

  8. Files: We prefer press-ready PDFs that follow Conveyor Arts’ export instruction. For an additional set-up fee, packaged InDesign files will be accepted. Files must include bleeds, links, and complete fonts. Files should be uploaded via conveyor.wetransfer.com. If files exceed the maximum transfer size, clients may deliver a hard copy of the file via CD or USB drive (copy will not be returned).

  9. File Submission: Upon receiving the printed proof, clients may make changes and resubmit files ONE TIME free of charge. Files that require multiple submissions (due to typos, wrong file, change of layout, etc.) will be charged for additional setup of $50 per file (or $150 per hour where prepress work is involved).

  10. Proof Review: It is the responsibility of the client to review proofs carefully and submit the final file to Conveyor Studio as promptly as possible. Any scheduling time lost due to delays in reviewing proofs or communication about production details regarding an order will be the responsibility of the client.

    All proofs are valid for 30 days from shipment from Conveyor Arts. If 30 days pass without approval to print, we suggest the client do another round of proofing, and will not guarantee matching results. 

    We do not accept match prints. Conveyor retains a duplicate set of proofs to be used as reference during the press run. We are not responsible for color matching when files have been resubmitted without an additional round of proofing. Reproduction quality on jobs printed without proofing will not be guaranteed to match client’s expectations. In this case, Conveyor Arts will accept no liability for work which is not to our client’s satisfaction except in the case of actual printing defects (all quality control should take place during the proofing stage; if client decides to forego proofing, we accept no responsibility).

    Please Note: All cover proofs are un-laminated unless specifically requested by the client (additional charges apply). Letterpress, foil stamp, and duplexed elements are not proofed. If you require proofing for these elements, additional production times and set up fees will apply.

  11.  Production Disclosure: The paper and materials we stock have been tested and guaranteed by Conveyor Arts as approved materials. Custom materials, paper stocks, binding, and finishing styles that fall outside of Conveyor Arts’ proven working methods are subject to longer production time or unsatisfactory results (some materials don’t play well with others).

    Books that include full bleeds, images, design elements or text nearer than 3/8 inch from the edge of the page, may result in obvious shift or loss during the trimming process (this also applies to text on book spines). Heavy printed coverage of inks on exterior surfaces may result in scuffing or scratching and cannot be guaranteed without the addition of lamination. In most cases, lamination will help subdue scratching, but with dark colors matte lamination can show scratches and scuffing. This can be easily resolved using alcohol or glass cleaner.

    Conveyor Arts does not guarantee the archival longevity of its products. Items exposed to direct sunlight, humidity, oil, or dirt may damage. Conveyor Arts’ books and printed products are crafted by hand and variations will occur.

  12. Image Rights: Conveyor Arts reserves the right to make and use photographs of products we produce as samples of our services. When possible, we also keep a printer’s copy of each book to show clients, students, etc; these books will not be sold or distributed in any way. If the client does not agree to the above, please request a non-disclosure agreement before production begins.

    These terms take effect on January 1st, 2015.