Prismatic Tracks

Prismatic Tracks


Prismatic Tracks
by Bryan Graf

A track is a recording. A track is a path made by physical activity. Prismatic Tracks is an optical research into kinetic photograms made with light, mesh screen & photosensitive paper. Perspective is everything. Light is exposed onto the paper from various angles, with multiple colors, to create these images. Paths of light cross one, another on the sheet of paper - filtered, refracted, warped and bent as they travel through the screens onto paper. Multiple paths are made and the light generates new forms as the exposures of light from various angles blend together. These prints are the results of physically moving around a sheet of light sensitive paper with a flash at different angles, primary-colored filters stuffed in my pockets, and folding mesh screen to generate the forms on paper. This work has nothing to do with abstraction or the preconditioned and specious history of an abstract movement. It has everything to do with being obsessed and consumed with light and the primal and necessary manifestations it conjures in our imaginations.

— Bryan Graf on Prismatic Tracks (Yancey Richardson Gallery)

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