Dark Matter

Dark Matter

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Dark Matter is the theoretical composition believed to make up most of the universe; it is the unseen, mysterious structure speculated to hold all other matter together. While its foundations are cosmological, dark matter easily traverses the scientific into the ethereal. It points to macabre narratives, dark humor, mysticism, and ancient myth. One must develop an innovative language in attempting to answer these questions and shed light on our shifting and uncertain understanding of the universe. In doing so, we convey the sheer beauty of man's inexhaustive quest for discovery and answers, and ultimately the promise of revealing a bigger story. For Issue No. 4 of Conveyor Magazine, we are seeking photographic and print-based projects, which engage the astronomical questions raised by the concept of dark matter. How do we elucidate the unknown? How do we illustrate an existence with properties that are inferred rather than directly observed? What metaphors stand in place for that which lies outside of our spectrum of perception?

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Conveyor Magazine
Issue No. 4
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