The Spectre // Spectrum Issue

The Spectre // Spectrum Issue


Our sense of wonder and fear is most palpable when our visions are fleeting. This issue of Conveyor Magazines investigates the idea of a spectre, that which dissolves from our sight, and a spectrum, a continuum or perfection of vision, overlap and counterbalances each other. The trespassing of these apparitions between the material and immaterial worlds can be equally thrilling and terrifying, amorphous and yet revealing.

This issue of Conveyor is accompanied by Visible Spectrum, a set of nine commissioned artists' books in an edition of 300, with an introductory text by Mark Alice Durant. Each artist - Penelope Umbrico, Hannah Whitaker, Brea Souders, Andrey Bogush, Robert Canali, Inka & Niclas, Dillon DeWaters, and Nicholas Gottlund - is also featured in the pages of this publication. Together with the magazine, this set of zines is a collection of meditations on color and ghostly apparitions. 

Book Details
Conveyor Magazine #5
The Mapping Issue
8.5 x 10.75 in
164 Pages
Open Edition
Sewn Paperback

This issue was edited by Christina Labey, Dominica Paige, Liz Sales, Jeremy August Haik, Chelsey Morell Denny and Jason Burstein. Printed and bound at Conveyor Arts.

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